[pronounced 'pole - mooze']

Polska Muzyka z Sacramento

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Annette Polka
Balash Polka
Bartender Polka
Bartender Polka (Walt Solek version)
Beer Barrel Polka
Blue Lady Polka
Blue Velvet
Charlie Was A Boxer
Chicken Dance
Clarinet Polka
Give the Drummer Some Polka, The (an original by Pol_Muz!)
Green Parrot Polka
Hej! Ode wsi do Miasta (Sugar and Spice Polka)
Helena Polka
Hey, Hey Farmer Gray
Hi-Fi Polka
I Don't Want To Go Home
If It Weren't For Polka Music I'd Go Crazy
In Heaven There Is No Beer
It's A Small World
Ja Cie Kocham Polka
Just Because
Money In The Bank Polka
Moon River
My Melody of Love
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You Polka
Oberek Dzis
Oh What A Life
Old Time Polka Dance Party
Pennsylvania Polka
Pierogi Polka (Two for Just a Dime)
Poland's Favorite Polka
Proud to be Polish Polka (an original by Pol_Muz!)
Puka Jasiu
Sacramento Polka, The (an original by Pol_Muz!)
She's/He's Too Fat For Me Polka
Sing-along Closing
Slovenia Medley
Tambourine Polka
They're Always In The Way
Tinker Polka
Vienna Waltz
Who Likes Pierogi
Who Stole The Kiszka
Wilkinson's Polka
Yes Sir, No Sir Polka

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